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Mr Greedy - Ticket Machine – Bild 1 av 3 Mr Greedy - Ticket Machine – Bild 2 av 3 Mr Greedy - Ticket Machine – Bild 3 av 3

Mr Greedy - ticket machine

2009-11-19 15:12 - 0 Kommentarer

Drivers don't want to spend any money to park a car. Therefore, the ticket machine is redesigned into a poker-ticket machine, in order to change the drivers' attitudes of using it. Drivers who park their cars have a chance to win extra parking time for free. Since the primary parking fee is charged to park and play the poker-ticket machine, the driver doesn't lose anything at all.

Insickat av Kei Chun Chung


The Friendly Toilet

2009-11-24 16:02 - 0 Kommentarer

One of the greatest problems in a house is the toilet. Men tend to leave the toilet seat up, and some don't even bother to take it up, with hygenic consequences. This toilet seat talks to the man, when he takes it up it shows interest in what he is doing ( "how was your day?" "have to go again?") and when the seat goes down again, the seat gives a compliment ("that was a good one" "you are really amazing") .
The exact messages depend upon the users. Some would probably like some more daring messages while others would be offended by them, and probably prefer more gallant messages.


Musical Rake

2009-11-24 16:28 - 0 Kommentarer

How about a rake that plays music only when you are raking leaves or other debris. It can play at various tempos and beats depending on how hard or fast the rake is being pulled against the ground. It could have many different setting, so that you can make multiple musical notes. A great way to get exercise while doing yardwork at the sametime in a fun way.

Inskickat av Laura


Cykla mer

2009-12-15 14:55 - 0 Kommentarer

Hur man genom att visa uppskattning och stöd får folk att genomföra jobbiga saker. Det är vinter, kallt, regnigt och motigt att gå upp, och ännu värre att sätta sig på en cykel och trampa igång. Trots att det både är bra vardagsmotion och en enkel insats för miljön att cykla. Lösningen är en privat fanclub som hejar fram dig när den mentala uppförsbacken blir för brant. Motvinden blir medvind och uppförsbacken går nästan nedför. Inskickat av Maja Petersson


Fun Mystery Bag Recycler

2009-12-16 20:39 - 0 Kommentarer

Hi! My name is Steve and I'm a bunny. I speak for fun and nature. This video will show you how I would like to use the fun theory to help end an ecological problem for me and my animal friends. Using fun to encourage recycling plastic bags, we can brighten peoples days, help animals and reduce the use of plastic world wide. Please take a look and thank you for your time!

Submitted by Steve Oswanski

Magic Footbridge – Bild 1 av 4 Magic Footbridge – Bild 2 av 4 Magic Footbridge – Bild 3 av 4 Magic Footbridge – Bild 4 av 4

Magic Footbridge

2009-12-15 22:25 - 0 Kommentarer

A common problem on the highways is that lots of pedestrian cross the road among cars instead of using the footbridge. This behavior can result in accidents and running over. Would be possible to increase the number of people using the footbridge and to decrease the number of people that across among the cars by making the footbridge cross something funny? This is the objective of the “Magic Footbridge”.

Chewing Gum Sculpture - Image 1 of 6 Chewing Gum Sculpture - Image 2 of 6 Chewing Gum Sculpture - Image 3 of 6 Chewing Gum Sculpture - Image 4 of 6 Chewing Gum Sculpture - Image 5 of 6 Chewing Gum Sculpture - Image 6 of 6

Chewing Gum Sculpture

2009-12-15 18:02 - 0 Kommentarer

Each Spaniard consumes 3 kilos of chewing gum every year. The cost of removing each one of these rises up to 0.68 cents, more than twice its purchase cost. That’s why we propose a funny campaign to prevent people from littering chewing gum. Goal: To prevent people from littering chewing gum and put it in a common place instead, so that the streets of the city remain clean. How? The idea is to create huge, collective sculptures with people’s chewing gum.



2009-12-15 21:17 - 0 Kommentarer

Works in the town are always disturbing. Neighbours get angry and workers do not work comfortable. If the atmosphere is good, people work faster, better, and everybody is happy. Can we create a pleasant environment with fun? We think so.
Submitted av Ana Querejeta, Mariki Rodríguez, Mario Fides, Daniel Martí och Alberto Salgado

Garden's Hit - Bild 1 av 3 Garden's Hit - Bild 2 av 3 Garden's Hit - Bild 3 av 3

Garden's hit

2009-12-16 19:31 - 0 Kommentarer

Dog's feces in the streets stink. Literally. And still, some dog owners don't throw at the trash can. So, let's give them a reason to do it. Let's show them that it could be useful if put at the right place.
The Garden's hit is where they'll see what some poo can do. Throwing it at the specified place activates a mechanism that releases a plastic rose everytime something hits the engines under the garden. Then, a flower "grows". There are 50 of them, that go down again after some minuts. This way everybody can enjoy making a plant growing. Just have to make the poo hit the garden.


Lucky Dog Poop Bin

2009-12-15 20:02 - 0 Kommentarer

Let’s make it fun to scoop dog poop! “Lucky Dog” will be a dog-shaped garbage bin that when used will bark at the user and issue a fortune cookie dog treat with the dog’s fortune for the day. Lucky Dog fortunes could include “You will be receiving a treat in the near future. Lucky Dog!” and “Dog-butt ahead. Lucky Dog!” A bag dispenser could be a source of income or simply free to encourage pick-ups. Since dog walks happen near meal times, restaurants could advertise on the bin or cookie wrapper. They could say something like “Congratulations!

Bus Non Stop - Bild 1 av 3 Bus Non Stop - Bild 2 av 3 Bus Non Stop - Bild 3 av 3

Bus Non Stop

2009-12-16 20:35 - 0 Kommentarer

The idea is to exercise and have fun at the bus stop where people always get tired and bored. So we could put swing instead of benches at the bus stop. A simple solution that makes people wanna play, exercise and have some fun!
Inskickat av Germana Konrath

Dog The Dryer - Bild 1 av 7 Dog The Dryer - Bild 2 av 7 Dog The Dryer - Bild 3 av 7 Dog The Dryer - Bild 4 av 7 Dog The Dryer - Bild 5 av 7 Dog The Dryer - Bild 6 av 7 Dog The Dryer - Bild 7 av 7

Dog The Dryer

2009-12-16 16:43 - 0 Kommentarer

When it is raining, most of the big scale shopping malls would place an "umbrella plastic bag stand" at the entrances, prevent the wet umbrellas bring the water to make the floor slippery. Even it would prevent accidents, but it produces loads of plastic bags in a very short time when the customers leave the mall.

Instead we can use Dog the dryer!
Bigger umbrella can use a bigger size dog.
Smaller dog for a rather short umbrella.
Just simply place the wet umbrella into the dog body,
grab the tail of th dog, then,

The Dog Poo Bank

The Dog Poo Bank

2009-12-09 12:25 - 0 Kommentarer

Many people take their dogs for a walk but don’t catch the dog poo. It requires an intervention that makes catching dog poo something funny. The “Poo Cleaner Bank” allows the dog’s owner to make different investments when he deposits the poo. Every time the owner deposits a bag with poo (it has to be analyzed to verify if it really is dog poo), he will receive a token, which will be exchanged for a cookie for the dog. Besides, many other investments are possible if the owner keep the tokens to change later.


Zones in Public transport

2009-12-16 09:44 - 0 Kommentarer

Making zones of entertainment or social activities would make it interesting to go by bus/train

Idea by Idea- & Project developing "Raketfabrikken" Brandbjerg Højskole 2009. Inskickat av William Hass.

Simon Says Maybe A Free Ticket - Bild 1 av 3 Simon Says Maybe A Free Ticket - Bild 2 av 3 Simon Says Maybe A Free Ticket - Bild 3 av 3

Simon Says A Free Ticket

2009-12-16 09:16 - 0 Kommentarer

“Simon Says Maybe A Free Ticket” is a large LED screen that flirts with possible participants by randomly giving compliments and to passer-byes to get their attention and make them smile.
The screen is connected to 5 sets of rubber footprints. When there are 5 pair of feet standing on them, the game gets automatically activated.
The 5 people are required to work together to memorize and repeat a 3 minutes dance step routine.

Happy booth - Bild 1 av 4 Happy booth - Bild 2 av 4 Happy booth - Bild 3 av 4 Happy booth - Bild 4 av 4

Happy booth

2009-12-16 11:09 - 0 Kommentarer

The negative mood of the great majority of people that can result on further violence or isolation. To make people realize that they have enough reasons to be happy, they just need a detonator to speak out and share them.

These days all the people is seeking to be famous, to be broadcasted, express themselves; this “Happy Booth”, located in any public space, is a nice way to do this.


Fortune Parking

2009-11-02 16:17 - 0 Kommentarer

Purpose: To get people to use far away parking spots and get more exercise.
Idea: Posts signs that are solar digital at the farther parking spots. When a person parks there, they receive a "fortune" for the day. Kind of like a fortune cookie. Fun and easy!

Inskickat av Stacy Blackwood


Indiana Jones Crosswalk

2009-12-15 23:24 - 0 Kommentarer

Using Augmented Reality technology, our project is to make the crossing street only in crosswalk a fun habit. With two video cameras and two big screens, the crosswalk will be filmed on-line, the pedestrians will see their own images on screen, in front, stepping in exciting scenarios during the crossing, in both directions.


Appie Doggie Bin

2009-11-24 16:21 - 0 Kommentarer

Dog poo is a serious threat to mankind and the solution to solving the problem could be found within the dog. If we introduce a dog's doings-bin that offers the dog a cookie every time his owner drops the doings in it, the dog will learn very fast that he gets a cookie after he did what he had to do. He will pull his owner to the bin and wait for the cookie to come out. So the owner has to dispose his little bag in the bin in order to please the dog and continue the walk. Companies producing cookies will be pleased to offer free cookies and use the bin for commercials.


Bag to Basics

2009-12-16 20:57 - 0 Kommentarer

Choose Paper Bags over plastics- period. Let's get everyone on board, that is, retailers, grocery stores, and companies large and small who advertise coupons-- have them utilize paper bags for advertising/printing coupons. It will be more readily seen by consumers (rather than stuffed into mailboxes and thrown away) -- a far better way to get us back to using paper bags just the way we used to before plastics bags were invented. Inskickad av Carolyn.