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The final lap

2009-11-23 16:55 - 0 Kommentarer

The final lap is about a motivation for people to do exercise. It consists in placing flex panels along the racing track with several movement sensors, while activating them will project several images and the corresponding sound from speakers and canyons, so when the runner pass through will suddenly appear.
There are many options that will change weekly, for example: other race competitors running with you simulating a real race, or you could run with the Forrest Gump famous character. Inskickat av Alejandra Gonzalez


Recycling for music

2009-11-24 16:18 - 0 Kommentarer

The idea is to build a machine that gave you a free code to download music from iTunes. Provided only if you comply with the minimum of cans to be deposited. My proposal would be 10 cans per song. In this way we would be helping the planet and and promoting through the opinion leaders (which are the artists) recycling.

Inskickat av Mauricio Bravo Jara


Song Dryer

2009-10-27 16:01 - 0 Kommentarer

In bathrooms, many people don't like using the hot hand dryers vs. the alternative paper towel. There has to be a way to make those more fun. Perhaps instead of just hearing air blow out of the thing, maybe music instead, and not just the same song over and over. Use different songs that many people will like. They might actually use the dryer longer so they can finish the song, thus drying their hands effectively.
Inskickat av Rachael Peck


Human Energy Xmas Tree

2009-12-16 20:07 - 0 Kommentarer

Three exercise bikes are standing side by side on a square somewhere.
Each is connected to the lights in a big Xmas tree.
Only by cycling at a certain pace the lights will burn.
Human energy creates electricity.
Will the crowd combine forces to keep the Xmas atmosphere?
A fun and healthy experience during cold christmas shopping

Inskickat av Erik de Heij

Hungry Hungry Hippos Trash  – Bild 1 av 3 Hungry Hungry Hippos Trash  – Bild 2 av 3 Hungry Hungry Hippos Trash  – Bild 3 av 3

Hungry Hungry Hippos Trash

2009-12-07 13:50 - 0 Kommentarer

The object of the game is to use the lever on the back of a player's hippo trash to consume as many of the cans on the playing field as possible. You have to insert cans to play the game. Play ends when all of the cans have been "eaten" by the hippos trash. The player whose hippo has "eaten" the most cans wins. Inskickad av Lary Alaouchiche.

Smile Therapy – Bild 1 av 3 Smile Therapy – Bild 2 av 3 Smile Therapy – Bild 3 av 3

Smile Therapy

2009-11-19 14:21 - 0 Kommentarer

So many gloomy faces can be seen nowadays on bus, tram, we can meet angry car drivers and rushing masses on the streets. One smile can break this negative wave. Smiling is good to our body and soul, and it also generates a chain reaction: if you smile to someone, he will instinctively smile back. The theory is that a chocolate automat is working with smile. The core of the automat is a face recognizing software that decides if someone smiles or not. Also with this program only one chocolate per person could be given. Inskickat av Edit Tangl.

Buddy – Bild 1 av 11 Buddy – Bild 2 av 11 Buddy – Bild 3 av 11 Buddy – Bild 4 av 11 Buddy – Bild 5 av 11 Buddy – Bild 6 av 11 Buddy – Bild 7 av 11 Buddy – Bild 8 av 11 Buddy – Bild 9 av 11 Buddy – Bild 10 av 11 Buddy – Bild 11 av 11


2009-12-15 18:06 - 0 Kommentarer

Our modern live is full of mobile electric devices. But all those devices needs electricity. Too much energy, at a time where we have global ecologic problems. Based on the concept of zero-emission multimedia, it was created a static device, where you can produce and get your own green energy - Instantly Spinning his wheel you produce the energy. The touchscreen, which is positioned at the head is an interactive panel to communicate with Buddy. Through this he gives you the instructions for use, It shows you the quantity of produced energy, and for what you can use it.

Chewing Gum Sculpture - Image 1 of 6 Chewing Gum Sculpture - Image 2 of 6 Chewing Gum Sculpture - Image 3 of 6 Chewing Gum Sculpture - Image 4 of 6 Chewing Gum Sculpture - Image 5 of 6 Chewing Gum Sculpture - Image 6 of 6

Chewing Gum Sculpture

2009-12-15 18:02 - 0 Kommentarer

Each Spaniard consumes 3 kilos of chewing gum every year. The cost of removing each one of these rises up to 0.68 cents, more than twice its purchase cost. That’s why we propose a funny campaign to prevent people from littering chewing gum. Goal: To prevent people from littering chewing gum and put it in a common place instead, so that the streets of the city remain clean. How? The idea is to create huge, collective sculptures with people’s chewing gum.


Making Exercise Fun: Working Out vs Parkour

2009-11-19 11:41 - 0 Kommentarer

Although most of us like to be physically active, most of us do not consistently exercise. Maybe that's because we don't enjoy exercising as much as other less physically demanding activities such as watching TV. Parkour is a training method founded by David Belle. It can be practiced anywhere – from urban settings, to playgrounds, to nature, and anywhere with obstacles man made or natural.

Inskickat av Adam Dunlap



2009-11-19 10:57 - 0 Kommentarer

Men här är lösningen! Smutsräknaren! Ett dammsugarmunstycke med räknare på vilket gör att såfort du dammsugit upp damm eller annan smuts så får man poäng! Poängen visas sedan på en display på dammsugarmunstycket. När du dammsugit klart kopplar du upp dammsugarmunstycket mot datorn och internet. Poängen överförs till en personlig räknare på en hemsida, den som har flest poäng i slutet av varje månad vinner! Inskickat av Johan


Gum collector

2009-12-14 10:42 - 0 Kommentarer

Turning something icky into something pretty. The Gum Collector is a fun way to dispose of chewed gum without making a mess. It is a user friendly device that will keep out footphaths clean and no more sticky surprises under your seat. Gum Collectors could be placed in schools, at bus stops, on the street, train stations and pretty much anywhere. Inskickad av Yvette Messina.

Toys Cluttering - Bild 1 av 2 Toys Cluttering - Bild 1 av 2

Toys cluttering

2009-12-15 16:10 - 0 Kommentarer

BAD BEHAVIOR: Toys cluttering the house and no onbe picking up toys.



2009-10-27 11:50 - 0 Kommentarer

Är du stark nog? Spelet är inte nytt men syftet! Ett problem i många länder är att tomburkar slängs i naturen eller på andra platser där de inte hör hemma. Kan vi bygga en maskin där burken bli själva spelmarken? I det här spelet är det din styrka som sätts på prov.

Du placerar en gammal tomburk på plattan och slår med släggan. Om du lyckas slå tomburken ända upp så krossas den och du får ditt namn på en high-score lista beroende på hur hårt du slår. Samtidigt trillar burken ner i en återvinningstunna. På så sätt får du träning, har kul och gör något bra för miljön!

Spread Fun Not Germs - Bild 1 av 2 Spread Fun Not Germs - Bild 2 av 2

Spread Fun Not Germs

2009-12-15 21:36 - 0 Kommentarer

In society today, there is a great deal of concern over the spread of germs and viruses. This “fear” is increased amongst people globally, by the widespread media attention & coverage of viruses such as H1N1.

On a daily basis, many people do not wash their hands after using the bathroom, or before consuming food. In airports, we have noticed that fewer people wash their hands after using the bathroom, than people who are using public bathrooms elsewhere. We believe that this occurs, because people are often in a rush when travelling.

Funny Dog Poo Eater – Bild 1 av 2 Funny Dog Poo Eater – Bild 2 av 2

Funny Dog Poo Eater

2009-11-19 10:58 - 0 Kommentarer

The Friendly Dog Poo Recycle bin has a funny and friendly design, almost as in the picture attached. Speakers will be installed, connected to a sensor. Every time it detects movement near it, it will play different messages, like "I eat dog poo!", "I am hungry, please feed me!'. Another sensor will be installed in the tray, detecting when a person will throw something in it - then it will play messages like "Thank you so much!", "Mmmm, Yummy!" , "You just made my day better!", and it will automatically give a bone biscuit for the dog. It will also be equipped with free bags.


Talk to Me

2009-12-16 17:59 - 0 Kommentarer

Is a way to people takes off their pains talking to a statue. Inskickat av Sergio Alonso Martinez Ramos

Press Bottle

Press Bottle

2009-11-24 16:08 - 0 Kommentarer

We all like to compete, although we don’t always admit it. It’s just genetically coded. We want to compare our intelligence, success, force, skills. Why not using this in recycling?



2009-12-16 17:47 - 0 Kommentarer

As the city centers nowadays are bustling with heavy traffic and the unbearable omnipresence of the automobile our proposal is to create an hibryd of a bus and a carousel (and could be a taxi, subway or ANY another mass transit) to attract more people to use public transports. Fun meets daily life in a new form of transportation of thousand smiles. Inskickat av Rafael Vieira


I Get Around

2009-11-02 16:21 - 0 Kommentarer

"I get around" is a line of books and encouragement for kids age 0-8 (and their adults). The components encourage physical activity, connection with the outdoors, awareness, and open-ended creativity through having FUN in everyday life, on special trips, and in our imaginations. Quote from book: "I get around and have fun--how about you?" All items are created to take along wherever, and however, you get around.

Inskickat av Deb Miner

Strength Gauge - Bild 1 av 2 Strength Gauge - Bild 2 av 2

Strength Gauge

2009-12-16 11:32 - 0 Kommentarer

Next to the automatic sliding door there will be mechanical sliding door. Mechanical sliding door will open by rotate the helm of ship. Also at the helm there will be a power guage (divider). Inskickad av Rati Khabeishvili.