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The bench race

2009-11-23 16:59 - 0 Kommentarer

There are four static bikes which when peddled will rotate each of the four rings with the benches on them. I want to address the issue of the bad connection between the gardens with the road passing through them, but also wanted to bring fun back into everyday life. there will be monitors at both points so that there is a visual connection between the two spaces.

Inskickat av Simon Grover



2009-11-24 16:27 - 0 Kommentarer

My idea for the project The Fun Theory is to solve the problem of cigarettes consumed and thrown away in parks (causing fires) or in the streets (increasing environmental pollution). I thought to encourage use of outdoor ashtray insert the typical sound of crackling wood that attracts attention and also an hologram on the surface of the ashtray. Depositing the cigarette the hologram reproduces the fire by creating fun and wonder.
Inskickat av Alessandra Pace.


Indiana Jones Crosswalk

2009-12-15 23:24 - 0 Kommentarer

Using Augmented Reality technology, our project is to make the crossing street only in crosswalk a fun habit. With two video cameras and two big screens, the crosswalk will be filmed on-line, the pedestrians will see their own images on screen, in front, stepping in exciting scenarios during the crossing, in both directions.

Chewing Gum Sculpture - Image 1 of 6 Chewing Gum Sculpture - Image 2 of 6 Chewing Gum Sculpture - Image 3 of 6 Chewing Gum Sculpture - Image 4 of 6 Chewing Gum Sculpture - Image 5 of 6 Chewing Gum Sculpture - Image 6 of 6

Chewing Gum Sculpture

2009-12-15 18:02 - 0 Kommentarer

Each Spaniard consumes 3 kilos of chewing gum every year. The cost of removing each one of these rises up to 0.68 cents, more than twice its purchase cost. That’s why we propose a funny campaign to prevent people from littering chewing gum. Goal: To prevent people from littering chewing gum and put it in a common place instead, so that the streets of the city remain clean. How? The idea is to create huge, collective sculptures with people’s chewing gum.


Slide O' Fun

2009-11-30 12:02 - 0 Kommentarer

To have people climbing up the pedestrian bridge because they'll have fun sliding down from it.
Inskickat av Natasha Angeline


Leaves Leaves

2009-12-16 21:09 - 0 Kommentarer

The trees make the best patterns with their leaves. And then the kids, longingly, watch them through their car windows as they pass by. They imagine how big a leaf pile that many leaves could make. And the workmen & women, with their face masks and their heavy blowers 'clean up' the walkway and neaten the park with the sharp buuuuzzzzzz in the mourning aire, while the businessperson walks past, smelling the crisp tang of fall and gasoline and fried electric circuits. Blah. No fun.

Can You Plinko It? - Bild 1 av 4 Can You Plinko It? - Bild 2 av 4 Can You Plinko It? - Bild 3 av 4 Can You Plinko It? - Bild 4 av 4

Can You Plinko It?

2009-12-16 15:29 - 0 Kommentarer

My idea is based on the game of Plinko, from the tv show, The Price is Right. It's meant to be a fun way to recycle cans because aluminum is one of the most environmentally harmful minerals to mine. Basically it's a plinko board that is on top of a recycling bin for cans and bottles (only if your region accepts cans and bottles mixed together), so that they can be recycled normally if they'd rather not play.


Musical Bikes

2009-11-02 16:37 - 0 Kommentarer

A bike that every time you paddle it sounds with harmonious music. Nowadays a lot of people use cars which produce carbon dioxide. People would chose to ride their bikes instead, enjoying a nice tune while saving the planet. An exercise bike with this function would help people take off some pounds of weight while having a nice time.

Inskickat av Randy James Gepitulan

The Questionable Bus Stop- Bild 1 av 2 The Questionable Bus Stop- Bild 2 av 2

The Questionable Bus Stop

2009-12-16 16:54 - 0 Kommentarer

The idea is to make the boring task of waiting for the bus more enjoyable On the side wall of the bus stop there is an interactive touch screen. The screen broadcasts Trivia questions from a large questions bank. The idea is that the entire crowd within the bus stop can participate and shout answers, and finally select (by touching) the right answer to their knowledge. This is a fun and bonding experience for everyone in the bus stop, and most importantly it passes the time and makes people forget their busy schedule, at least until the bus arrives.

Piggy Bank

Piggy Bank - Change can save us

2009-12-03 10:58 - 0 Kommentarer

The object of the game is to insert cans inside a huge see-through Piggy Bank to collect it. A bling bling sound play for each cans inserted and the piggy bank indicate the weight level (skinny to big) of the metal collected. So, people can figure out the impact of the metal collected on the environment if its not the case. Inskickad av Sandrine.

Cigarette Doormat - Bild 1 av 4 Cigarette Doormat - Bild 2 av 4 Cigarette Doormat - Bild 3 av 4 Cigarette Doormat - Bild 4 av 4

Cigarette Doormat

2009-12-16 19:40 - 0 Kommentarer

People tend to pass doormats in public entrances without actively cleaning their shoes. This is a problem, especially in winter, since the shoes are more dirty during the rainy season.
What would you do if a cigarette set afire a carpet? Extinguish it as fast as possible! We used this knee-jerk action to intensify the cleaning of shoe soles and give people a funny experience.
But the glow does not end. The cigarette butt is made of solid material, lit by a red LED and a thin column of smoke ascends from it. A surprise effect!


Fun mirrors

2009-12-16 15:25 - 0 Kommentarer

We always forget to wash our hands after we go to the restroom. So the idea is to put a mini game on the mirror and the buttons are on the bottom. You will have 30 seconds to wash them and win the mini game.You will have three buttons on the sink, the buttons have a protector against water. The mirror will have 5 different mini games and are chose randomly. If you win bubbles will come out from different parts of the room, but if you loose you will be splashed by a ballon that is up on the roof but inside. The mirror will say the instructions on the right in a paper.


Karma Kalculator

2009-11-24 16:17 - 0 Kommentarer

Freecycling is a fantastic way to pay it forward and to keep unused clothes from becoming landfill. The Karma Kalculator makes donating used clothes fun. It dispenses a fortune cookie style fortune to "predict" the good that will coming to them for the good that they have done.

Magic Battery

Magic Battery

2009-12-09 14:47 - 0 Kommentarer

Throwing spent batteries in the trash is harmful to our environment. There are some states in the US that even have rules to prevent their improper disposal. To promote the correct disposal of these batteries, a fun way would be to create a container that can answer a question, like a Magic 8 Ball. You put your battery and it is thrown to the container, being shaked and moved by its internal devices, so that at the end it falls into one of the possible answers. Inskickad av Iris.


Elephant Vacuums

2009-12-16 20:53 - 0 Kommentarer

You now how kids and even adults don’t like vacuuming well by riding a vacuum that can go around the house and it looked cool it would really be fun to vacuum so I crated half of a really big elephant toy added wheels a stirring wheel a curd and bottom half of a vacuum and some electric stuff and it made a Elephant Vacuums. + the nose is the vacuum hose.
Inskickat av Brinn Pierce

Would you rather bus? – Bild 1 av 2 Would you rather bus? – Bild 2 av 2

Would you rather bus?

2009-11-30 11:14 - 0 Kommentarer

Public transportation reduces traffic as well as greenhouse gas emissions. So then, let's make them more FUN, with built in "Would You Rather" questions. Every minute or two, passengers will see a different question across the upper bus wall, asking them to choose which of two options "they would rather." They vote by pressing the red/blue button on their seat, and shortly after, a red or blue light above their seat will indicate their vote. All the votes will be tallied, with the final percentages lit up beside each of the two answer options.



2009-12-15 20:49 - 0 Kommentarer

The Partytram

People are mostly bored when riding a tram. Not so in the “Partytram”. inter-active motivation clips aim to motivate guests to try out simple dance steps, such as stomping in different rhythms or doing very basic salsa or tango steps.

Pinball Exercise Machine - Image 1 of 5 Pinball Exercise Machine - Image 2 of 5 Pinball Exercise Machine - Image 3 of 5 Pinball Exercise Machine - Image 4 of 5 Pinball Exercise Machine - Image 5 of 5

Pinball Exercise Machine

2010-02-25 10:01 - 0 Kommentarer

Hur får vi fler människor att motionera? Idén är att kombinera en vanlig stegmaskin med ett flipperspel. När du rör dina fötter upp och ner fungerar de som flipperspelets paddlar inuti maskinen. Träffa kulan, få poäng och ha kul!

Inskickat av Omar Sotomayor Noel - Peru

Happy booth - Bild 1 av 4 Happy booth - Bild 2 av 4 Happy booth - Bild 3 av 4 Happy booth - Bild 4 av 4

Happy booth

2009-12-16 11:09 - 0 Kommentarer

The negative mood of the great majority of people that can result on further violence or isolation. To make people realize that they have enough reasons to be happy, they just need a detonator to speak out and share them.

These days all the people is seeking to be famous, to be broadcasted, express themselves; this “Happy Booth”, located in any public space, is a nice way to do this.



2009-11-24 16:25 - 0 Kommentarer

People are often forgetting to visit a (real) postbox since E-MAIL.This method explains how fun paper and pen can be. Write a mail to your friend, put it in the stamper, type in the adress, get the maillball, DUNK IT IN THE POSTBOX.

Inskickat av Berke Ozoguloz