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The Exercise Bus

2009-12-16 09:03 - 0 Kommentarer

The concept is to reduce carbon footprint whilst promoting exercise (through financial benefit).
Using available and utilised technology people can access public transport using smart card payment system (i.e. oyster cards in London).
Available at selected seats are pedalling systems, during their journey the user can pedal (at their own pace and desired duration).

Cheerful Car Faces – Bild 1 av 2 Cheerful Car Faces – Bild 2 av 2

Cheerful Car Faces

2009-11-19 11:58 - 0 Kommentarer

Cars often have "faces" - the front grille and headlights can make a face, the tail-lights and trunk can make a face. Many of these faces look angry, dour, and even menacing. Why not design other options? It would be more fun to see cheerful, mysterious, serene, whimsical faces when driving. It might be harder to get mad at a car that looked like it was smiling at you.

Inskickat by Pris Sears

Urban Treadmill - Bild 1 av 2 Urban Treadmill - Bild 2 av 2

Urban Treadmill

2009-11-18 18:51 - 0 Kommentarer

What you do while waiting for the green light? Some people talk on the phone, others clean the nose, but all are throwing energy away! What do you think of exercise as it generates energy for a traffic light? In large cities, some crosses accumulate hundreds of people, for 2 or 3 minutes. Urban Treadmill on sidewalks generate electricity for street furniture. Concentrate people and make the time pass more efficiently and to encourage people to cross the street in the correct location. Burn fat and produce energy. Fun!

Inskickat av Zeca Villar


Fortune machine

2009-12-16 15:24 - 0 Kommentarer

Everyone knows that a huge aesthetic problem on the streets in all cities is the chewing gums. People are so lazy that they just spit out their gum on the street not bothering to trough it in the trash bins around town. Therefore we have come up with a solution to this problem. A giant fortune cookie will be placed on places were there can be expected that a lot of chewing gums will end up, usually on squares and other big spaces like train stations and bus stops. A bin is placed right in front of the fortune cookie were you are supposed to put your used chewing gum.


Gum collector

2009-12-14 10:42 - 0 Kommentarer

Turning something icky into something pretty. The Gum Collector is a fun way to dispose of chewed gum without making a mess. It is a user friendly device that will keep out footphaths clean and no more sticky surprises under your seat. Gum Collectors could be placed in schools, at bus stops, on the street, train stations and pretty much anywhere. Inskickad av Yvette Messina.

Joyride to School - Bild 1 av 3 Joyride to School - Bild 2 av 3 Joyride to School - Bild 3 av 3

Joyride to School

2009-12-15 22:54 - 0 Kommentarer

So what's the most boring thing kids have to do everyday? Going to school. They just won't get out of bed or wash up or get dressed or get on that bus. So...what if we made the ride to school really really fun and something kids look forward to everyday. The idea is to transform school buses into boats, helicopters, spaceships etc. Do all sorts of fun things inside - like water-bed seats, video games and music, painting etc. There maybe around 8-10 buses in every school, so the buses can be changed everyday for every lot of kids.


Traffic Light Movie

2009-12-16 10:11 - 0 Kommentarer

Many cities, especially crowded ones, are having a problem - the crossing of the streets on not allowed zones, or while the pedestrian traffic light is red, that way creating dangerous situations for themselves and other participants in traffic. One of the solution would be - the entertainment. While waiting at the traffic light, the pedestrians could entertain themselves watching a short movie on special designated mini displays installed on the traffic light itself. The variety of the movies should be vast, and it should be achieved by creating a lot of movies.


Noisy poop scoop

2009-12-16 17:41 - 0 Kommentarer

Dog poop scooping is no fun! But it is less fun to live in a city full of poop…

How could poop scooping be less annoying?

A scooper that makes funny noises can become a new way to play with your dog. This scooper has a mechanism that creates funny noises when collecting poop. You can choose between different sounds (cat noise, toy squiz, barking…). You could enjoy your dog’s reaction to the noises and interact with other people that use different noises too.

Simple and fun, not only for people but for dogs too!
Inskickat av seeds design


The Fun Theory

2009-12-16 11:10 - 0 Kommentarer

As there are bike stations in the street to encourage people to ride and help this way to
take care of their health and the planet, it will be “clown shoes stations”, where people
can come and put big clown shoes on their own shoes.
This simple action would make some positive change on the mood of their day.

Inskickat av Rodolfo Orozco

Mr Greedy - Ticket Machine – Bild 1 av 3 Mr Greedy - Ticket Machine – Bild 2 av 3 Mr Greedy - Ticket Machine – Bild 3 av 3

Mr Greedy - ticket machine

2009-11-19 15:12 - 0 Kommentarer

Drivers don't want to spend any money to park a car. Therefore, the ticket machine is redesigned into a poker-ticket machine, in order to change the drivers' attitudes of using it. Drivers who park their cars have a chance to win extra parking time for free. Since the primary parking fee is charged to park and play the poker-ticket machine, the driver doesn't lose anything at all.

Insickat av Kei Chun Chung


Vinnare Rolighetsteorin - The Speed Camera Lottery

2009-11-24 16:10 - 0 Kommentarer

Inskick: Rewarding Speed Limit Signs - Kevin Richardson (USA)

Kan vi få fler människor att hålla den angivna hastighetsgränsen genom att göra det roligt? Idén är att fånga de som håller hastigheten med en kamera. De blir fotograferade och registreringsnumret antecknas och hamnar i ett lotteri. Vinnaren får kontanter i vinst och meddelas via post. För att göra det ännu bättre kommer vinstpengarna från de som har tagits för fortkörning.


Fun Fish - Water Conservation

2009-12-15 19:59 - 0 Kommentarer

Water conservation is tricky. Signs and shocking statistics seem to do little to change behavior. Enter FUN. Imagine a virtual fish tank behind the water faucet. The water level is connected to how much water is being used. If you leave the water running while brushing your teeth or lathering your hands, the water level lowers. You need to be smart about how much water you use so you leave water for the fish to live. The water slowly refills as the faucet is off.

Speed limit competition - Bild 1 av 3 Speed limit competition - Bild 2 av 3 Speed limit competition - Bild 3 av 3

Speed limit competition

2009-12-16 09:37 - 0 Kommentarer

Nobody likes speed limits but if we make it fun drivers will look forward to do not exceed it. HOW?

We can see radars on the street to show us our speed.But mostly there is nothing more.
If we do a speed competition drivers will have a fun.
Speed radar will measure your actual speed and compare speeds of cars before you.
CAr which will drive as close as possible to speed limit will be placed better that others. But if you overcome speed limit you will be disqualified.

Imagine actual speed limit is 35km/h

Cars before you were driving :
1, 32,5km/h
2, 31,4km/h


Kitty-Cat Toilet Brush

2009-12-15 18:27 - 0 Kommentarer

In public places or company buildings the toilet brush to clean the lavatory pan is a rarely used device. Of course it is! Because it is everything else but fun to use the tb. My idea is to make it more fun to use the brush by making it respond to use.
The physical feedback of the brush should produce positive emotions and be
fun to a certain extent. So I decided to make the brush purr like a cat when used. A purring brush is unexpected
and quite funny on one hand, on the other hand cat purring is a charming and lovely

A Good Life is to be Fun! - Bild 1 av 3 A Good Life is to be Fun! - Bild 2 av 3 A Good Life is to be Fun! - Bild 3 av 3

A Good Life is to be Fun!

2009-12-16 20:06 - 0 Kommentarer

There are symbols to almost everything: gay community, luck, breast cancer, aids and more. So, why not a icon to represent the Fun Theory? An icon to be seen everywhere, all the time: in T-shirts, sticks, stamps, magazines, outdoors, pins, signs, the moon!!! Something universal, clean, strong, inspiring, to really make a statement. Like the smilie face, but in royal blue. It is positive reinforcement linked to other subjects such as driving, eating, the environment, people, love, health or safety. The idea has been out there for years, but there is a need for a concrete message.



2009-10-27 11:44 - 0 Kommentarer

Kan man få fler människor att äta ett nyttigt mellanmål på jobbet genom att göra det roligare att köpa det? Idén baseras på en prismaskin som man ofta ser på tivolin där användaren styr en kran för att få ett så bra pris som möjligt.

Här får användaren tävla om sina mellanmål. Kan även kompletteras med en High score-tavla där hela arbetsplatsen kan se vem som är bäst och samtidigt äter mest nyttigt. Om man ställer maskinen på publika platser kan vinnaren inte bara få sitt nyttiga mellanmål utan även vouchers till nyttiga restauranger.

Inskickat av Chris Thompson


Recycling Art

2009-12-15 22:21 - 0 Kommentarer

In urban spaces in the united states there is no place for disposing of recyclables (newspapers, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans) except for trash bins or the ground.


Chewing Gum Machine

2009-12-16 13:18 - 0 Kommentarer

Munching chewing gums, can anything bring more fun?
Yes, giving it back! There are some bad news for all, who love to see, how shity people try to get rid of wet, gray, slimy and old gums under their shoes. From now on there is no possibility to see somebody twiddle with the gummy stuff. Thanks to the chewing gum machine! With the aid of light effects, sounds and loud colors it causes quite a stir.
For everybody who wants to have fun by using garbage cans!
Inskickat av Saskia Drebes


Recycle Booth

2009-11-17 12:32 - 0 Kommentarer

Recycle Booth is a fun way to encourage people to recycle any sort of material. When you place the material (e.g. sheet of unwanted paper) into the corresponding compartment, the machine will be triggered. From then on, you follow the on screen instructions which will guide you through how to use the booth (which will act like a photo/sticker booth) to take a photo and after taking the photo, you can decorate it with the interactive pen attached to the machine and leave an on-screen message, e.g. "I recycled" or your name.

Inskickat av Win San Pang

Happy Waiting - Bild 1 av 2 Happy Waiting - Bild 2 av 2

Happy Waiting

2009-11-07 20:51 - 0 Kommentarer

I'm waiting in line and getting bored with nothing to do and I don't dare to small talk to the people around me. The line is very long at the postoffice/ bank/ waitingroom/ hospital/ busstop ... and the clock is ticking very slowly. Waiting on my turn seems to take forever.

I - and all the people around me - like to take pictures with their cellphones on holidays, special occasions or just for no special reason. We can upload these to a local network connected to a video-projector that is showing the pictures very big on the wall.