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Conscious Shower - Bild 1 av 3 Conscious Shower - Bild 2 av 3 Conscious Shower - Bild 3 av 3

Conscious Shower

2009-12-16 16:16 - 0 Kommentarer

The “Conscious Shower” is an alternative to reduce the amount of water spent in the shower in a fun way. To do that, a water meter has to be installed in the shower. It’s necessary to set up an amount of water enough for a shower (eg. 40 liters). So it will be possible to check in a screen how much water is being spent during the shower.


Flush Your Cash

2009-11-17 13:25 - 0 Kommentarer

Inspired by the increase of irresponsible gambling in Mauritius (but still relevant across the globe) this 'Flush your cash' casino machine links gambling to flushing your money down the toilet.

Inskickat av Jean-Lou


Battery Video Cut

2009-12-16 16:07 - 0 Kommentarer

What is the matter? We would like people to bring their old batteries for recycling. But how? Let’s imagine the situation: A recycle bin in the middle of the street, behind it a green background (like for the cinema), in front of it a video camera. You put your bag with batteries in the bin. After that you will be recorded during ten seconds. Do what you want! Be creative! And here comes the real innovation: Find yourself back on the Internet!! Thanks to the green background you and the bin will be inserted in a random video/background: a beach, a mountain, a city, the sky.


GPS with Personality

2009-12-15 20:51 - 0 Kommentarer

Everybody knows this: A destination and navigationsystem. After a few minutes the navi bothers everybody, always the same instructions from the same voice in a boring tonality. This combination has an ominous impact, the driver gets bored or nervous and looses the concentration. Here comes the funny idea: A navi which acts like a human being. It gives you positive feedback for choosing the right way ("Well done!") and also wiggings for the wrong way if you like ;-) You can choose the personality of your navi. So the driver gets a good feeling and the journey becomes a pleasure!


Guitar Eco Bag

2009-12-16 18:28 - 0 Kommentarer

Eco-friendly Bags are available since long in the markets. However, the use of such bags has been quite low owing to the low emotional value of the bags. for this reason tote bag with guitar graphic has been designed. This serves the dual purpose- one that of use of eco-friendly bags and the other, that of the bag being popular amongst youth and fun to carry.
Inskickat av Neel Shah

Interactive Crosswalk

Interactive Crosswalk

2009-12-03 12:34 - 0 Kommentarer

Waiting at crosswalks frustrates all of us, more or less often. We're all in a rush at sometimes and don't feel like waiting. But lots of accidents happen because of jaywalking. How can we make waiting at crosswalks more fun? My idea involves pressure sensitive devices, resembling piano keys but in differing colors, and speakers alongside the crosswalk as shown in the picture. The rules of the 'game' are as follows: people waiting can step on one of the bar-shaped devices (or they can choose not to stand on any of the 'bars').

Save Water Over Head - Image 1 of 2 Save Water Over Head - Image 2 of 2

Save Water Over-Head

2009-12-15 19:36 - 0 Kommentarer

Consistently communicate creatively simple & short water conservation messages'. Put up illustrations on water conservation on the ceiling of the hair-washing cubicle. When patrons/clients are reclining on the chair to get their hair washed, the illustration will be right in their vision. The sound and feel of the water on the head and the message above will engage the various senses of the person to make a sub-conscious impact. In those 3+ minutes of hair wash, the person will have 2 options – close eyes or see a beautiful & often funny illustration.



2009-12-15 22:23 - 0 Kommentarer

Because pedestrian injuries have become a public health problem severity, sequelae and disabilities which generate, ranking first from the last nine years in deaths from traffic injuries. The primary objective is: Encourage the use of pedestrian bridges in the town of Jiutepec in a fun and entertaining changing the concept of using the bridge with a project called THEORY OF FUN.
Inskickad av Herrera Diaz Mario Alberto

MosaiGum – Bild 1 av 11 MosaiGum – Bild 2 av 11 MosaiGum – Bild 3 av 11 MosaiGum – Bild 4 av 11 MosaiGum – Bild 5 av 11 MosaiGum – Bild 6 av 11 MosaiGum – Bild 7 av 11 MosaiGum – Bild 8 av 11 MosaiGum – Bild 9 av 11 MosaiGum – Bild 10 av 11 MosaiGum – Bild 11 av 11


2009-12-16 19:53 - 0 Kommentarer

MosaiGum is the simplest solution to avoid chewing gums related problems. Put your chewed gum in one of the free spaces of the mosaic and see the picture that evolves everyday. When a mosaic is full a plastic film can be removed and substituded by a new one with a new picture.
Come on and start creating your MosaiGum!
Inskickat av Andrea Palermo

Sport For Life

Sport For Life

2009-12-09 15:21 - 0 Kommentarer

Very simple: you want some electricity? Pedal! But attention, you do not create any electricity, fact of pedalling just acts as a switch (the bike is connected with a classic grip): if I pedal, the current crosses, i stop, the current stop. A coffee, music, my favorite serial: I pedal. Slowly, fast, profoundly, it is as I want. The sport is good for the health. Inskickad av Gilles Bonifait.

The Drymonica – Bild 1 av 6 The Drymonica – Bild 2 av 6 The Drymonica – Bild 3 av 6 The Drymonica – Bild 4 av 6 The Drymonica – Bild 5 av 6 The Drymonica – Bild 6 av 6

The Drymonica

2009-12-07 15:01 - 0 Kommentarer

Lets encourage people to use dryers instead of paper towels in public bathrooms. Lets add a little harmonica that sounds with the dryer's air and that people can move from side to side. Lets dry dry our hands, have fun and save some trees, all at the same time! Inskickad av Lorena Stuani.


City Sport

2009-12-16 15:09 - 0 Kommentarer

Do you ever think the climbing stairs is an exercise? Actually it is. People in city will now have chance to do more exercise when they walk to every stair/escalator area, they will find out all kind of pro climbing system. So let’s do it for fun and health. Inskickat av Agua Chou


Recycling for music

2009-11-24 16:18 - 0 Kommentarer

The idea is to build a machine that gave you a free code to download music from iTunes. Provided only if you comply with the minimum of cans to be deposited. My proposal would be 10 cans per song. In this way we would be helping the planet and and promoting through the opinion leaders (which are the artists) recycling.

Inskickat av Mauricio Bravo Jara


Targeted Urinal

2009-12-15 22:30 - 0 Kommentarer

No one likes it when they go to a public restroom only to find that the last person there seemingly was unable to focus on what they are doing. This careless behavior results in an unsanitary environment, additional sanitation worker costs and more people carelessly abusing the restrooms. So how do we change this behavior in a fun way? In this fun theory we propose directing the patrons’ attention toward where they should be aiming while also showing them something they can be proud of (Percentage of Accuracy).
Inskickad av Gina & DeWayne

Tire-Swing Bus Stop - Bild 1 av 3 Tire-Swing Bus Stop - Bild 2 av 3 Tire-Swing Bus Stop - Bild 3 av 3

Tire-Swing Bus Stop

2009-12-16 20:29 - 0 Kommentarer

Waiting for the bus can be very stressful. First: the bus is never on time. Second: some bus stops don't have any place to sit down and wait. Thinking about that and a way to make it more fun, we came up with the idea of a "Tire-Swing Bus Stop".


Hand Crank Charger

2009-12-16 11:39 - 0 Kommentarer

If you run out of power in the street, it can be inconvenient, or you can buy disposable batteries. This hand powered generator has a number of plugs you can use to charge your portable devices, for a greener, more efficient lifestyle! Inskickad av Matthew Venn.

SaberSaver - Bild 1 av 5 SaberSaver - Bild 2 av 5 SaberSaver - Bild 3 av 5 SaberSaver - Bild 4 av 5 SaberSaver - Bild 5 av 5


2009-12-16 14:29 - 0 Kommentarer

This fun and self-efficient attachment to bathroom fixtures is interactive with flashing lights and cool sounds. It can adapt to faucets, hand dryers, and water-use efficient shower heads. Whenever someone puts his or her hands under the SaberSaver, the sounds and lights change depending on the orientation of their hands. This entertaining addition increases the appeal of water-use efficient shower heads, encourages hand washing, reducing the spread of diseases, and promotes using hand dryers instead of paper towels, reducing paper waste. SaberSaver encourages good habits by making them fun!

Happy Notes - Bild 1 av 4 Happy Notes - Bild 2 av 4 Happy Notes - Bild 3 av 4 Happy Notes - Bild 4 av 4

Happy notes

2009-12-16 11:58 - 0 Kommentarer

Överallt finns de arga lapparna. På bilen, i tvättstugan, i köket, på jobbet och i trapphuset. Att skrämma och hota har sällan varit en lyckad strategi.

Men med en varm, ödmjuk och töntig framtoning kan man få människor samarbeta och dessutom göra det med ett stort leende och glatt humör. ”Happy notes” är trevliga lappar som uppmanar folk att använda sig av sitt sunda förnuft och dra sitt strå till stacken. För visst vill man hellre höra att man är bra än att man är dum?


Slide It Doormat

2009-12-15 20:35 - 0 Kommentarer

People tend to pass doormats in public entrances without actively cleaning their shoes. This is a problem, especially in winter, since the shoes are more dirty during the rainy season. The aim was to motivate people opening slide doors with funny and unusual movements. Therefore we combined the unlock mechanism of a fruit labeled communication device with a doormat. Not only tech savvy pedestrians used the mat, but also average people adopted the unlock mechanism intuitively.

Inskickad av Tim Mackerodt.

Change Music with Hand Washing

Change Music with Hand Washing

2009-12-09 14:08 - 0 Kommentarer

This is an idea for sinks that will sense the movement of a person washing there hands which will then affect the music playing in the restroom. Examples could include beat mods, scratching, loop play, pitch change, tempo control, etc (cross your eyes to match the pictures of the sink and view in 3d). Inskickad av Matt Vaughan.