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Make Your Boyfriend Clean the Apartment

2009-12-15 21:25 - 0 Kommentarer

Every day I ask my unemployed boyfriend to clean our apartment. It never happened, until one day I decided to have some fun...
Inskickat av Meirav Adler


Fortune Parking

2009-11-02 16:17 - 0 Kommentarer

Purpose: To get people to use far away parking spots and get more exercise.
Idea: Posts signs that are solar digital at the farther parking spots. When a person parks there, they receive a "fortune" for the day. Kind of like a fortune cookie. Fun and easy!

Inskickat av Stacy Blackwood

Mr. Potato Peel – Bild 1 av 2 Mr. Potato Peel – Bild 2 av 2

Mr. Potato Peel

2009-11-30 11:01 - 0 Kommentarer

Enter Mr Potato Peel. This charming fellow is a plastic cover for a collection bucket, with silly face parts that can be added and changed (Mr. Potato Head style). He keeps the food waste out of sight and scent -- and when his mouth door is opened, the lucky composter hears a recording of the words for various fruits and vegetables in foreign languages. Fun AND educational!


Modern Times for Batteries

2009-12-15 23:44 - 0 Kommentarer

Most batteries become highly hazardous at the end of their useful life.
Therefore it is necessary to collect them for appropriate disposal or recycling.
The idea is to make an eye-catching mechanism (similar to the one in Charlie Chaplins movie ‘Modern Times’) that is activated through batteries. Every inserted battery makes the mechanism turn for several seconds. The more batteries are inserted, the longer the machine is working. Inskickat av Bernhard Neuwirth och Alina Avscharova


Rainbow Zebra

2009-11-24 16:23 - 0 Kommentarer

In Brasil, people usually don't walk on Zebra walk to cross the streets. Thinking on it, I created a fun Zebra walking, The Rainbow Zebra. When the people step on the Zebra stripes, the spotlights turn on and the people will appear of the same color as the Zebra, it also plays a fun sound, like claps or disco music. It would make crossing the streets a fun activity :)

Inskickat av Gabriel Andrade


The Red Light Player

2009-12-15 23:20 - 0 Kommentarer

Waiting for the red man to change on the traffic light, while necessary for maintaining your life, is a bummer. Our aim was making the wait pleasurable. We did it by posting Adam Ben Ezra in one side of a heavily traveled zebra crossing. Our guy plays when the light is red, and rests when it turns green. For our special operation we made double bass covers for famous songs containing words like "stop", "stand", etc.
Inskickad av Guy Dayan

Just Cycle It - Bild 1 av 8 Just Cycle It - Bild 2 av 8 Just Cycle It - Bild 3 av 8 Just Cycle It - Bild 4 av 8 Just Cycle It - Bild 5 av 8 Just Cycle It - Bild 6 av 8 Just Cycle It - Bild 7 av 8 Just Cycle It - Bild 8 av 8

Just Cycle It

2009-12-15 19:52 - 0 Kommentarer

Cycle in the city is a good thing! We intend to promote the use of bikes in the city. More bikes mean fewer cars in the streets and a more beautiful city. The way to promote the use of bikes is simple! The local administration gives the bikers an odometer. The bikers who are moving in the city, augment the kilometres in the odometer. When the bikers want, comes back to the local administration and shows the kilometres they made. The local administration gives some gifts to the bikers such as services, tax deductions, theater tickets etc. In relation to the kilometres they made.



2009-12-16 14:48 - 0 Kommentarer

The problem is that people are lazy and do not want to walk and stand up from their seats. We can make a control that when you clap it turns on anything electronic device that you want will turn on or off.
It will be fun.
Inskickat av Carlos Diaz and Hector Robinson


The Cheering Food Collector

2009-12-15 20:49 - 0 Kommentarer

In these times of unprecedented economic crisis that affects the entire world some of our fellow people have become even poorer than before and have problems in covering their food needs. A ‘cheering food collector’ placed after the cashiers in grocery and market stores will induce people to contribute an item of their groceries and will make it fun to do so. Helping people in need of course comes from an intrinsic urge. But we can still make helping more accessible and provide fun incentives to make even more people reveal their compassionate side. Inskickat av Vaia Karapanou.

Fun Shower- Bild 1 av 2 Fun Shower- Bild 2 av 2

The Fun Shower

2009-12-16 17:55 - 0 Kommentarer

Regularly showering isn’t that much fun. Well this invention denies that fact. The waterflow is activated by a sound detector or in other words by whistling or singing. That way people will not just take a shower standing quietly, being bored to death but will be having a lot of fun and will be in a better mood when they walk out of the bathroom. Inskickat av Minko Marinov


Robot teapots

2009-12-16 14:14 - 0 Kommentarer

The problem is that the mother’s that work a lot when they come from work they are so tired that they don’t have time to care there babies. The solution is that there could be a robot that can have teapots heater, also a pillow and their other hand is a blanket, also they know songs and bedtime stories. It could also have a television so that the child sees it. And it could also dance and have the same temperature as a human body. It could change the behavior of people that mother’s don’t get tired a lot. It could cost $500.00 dollars.
Inskickat av Sebastian Rivera


Gaming safety belt

2009-12-13 16:27 - 0 Kommentarer

Kan vi uppmuntra fler att använda säkerhetsbälte genom att göra det roligt? När människor reser med bil eller flygplan vill de ofta få tiden att gå genom att spela ett spel eller lyssna på musik. Idén är att du först efter att du har satt på dig säkerhetsbältet ordentligt kan lyssna på musik eller ta del av annan underhållning.

Inskickat av Nevena Stojanovic - Sverige


Battery Video Cut

2009-12-16 16:07 - 0 Kommentarer

What is the matter? We would like people to bring their old batteries for recycling. But how? Let’s imagine the situation: A recycle bin in the middle of the street, behind it a green background (like for the cinema), in front of it a video camera. You put your bag with batteries in the bin. After that you will be recorded during ten seconds. Do what you want! Be creative! And here comes the real innovation: Find yourself back on the Internet!! Thanks to the green background you and the bin will be inserted in a random video/background: a beach, a mountain, a city, the sky.

Fruit Trolley Poker – Bild 1 av 3 Fruit Trolley Poker – Bild 2 av 3 Fruit Trolley Poker – Bild 3 av 3

Fruit Trolley Poker

2009-12-09 15:31 - 0 Kommentarer

On the way home from work at least one local supermarket shopping trolley (Shopping cart) has made its way up the street and onto the front lawn of our local housing project. Invariably the cart will sit there for a week and attract other carts until the local council has to collect and return them at a cost. Some times they’re so badly damaged they just get thrown away. Large shopping centers can generate up to 200 missing shopping trolleys a day and one Australian business that tracks and returns shopping trolleys receives on average 1000 phone calls a week from the public.

Cigarette Bin - Bild 1 av 3 Cigarette Bin - Bild 2 av 3 Cigarette Bin - Bild 3 av 3

Cigarette Bin

2009-11-23 16:59 - 0 Kommentarer

My purpose is to find a fun theory to convince Smokers to throw their cigarettes not on the floor but in a bin. My idea is to paint of yellow and white a normal dust bin with ashtray so that it looks like a cigarette. The message should be clear: this looks like a cigarette and it is for cigarettes. On top of the dust bin, where the ashtray is I would put a cover with sensors that react to heat and pressure underneath. When the sensors react a recorder inside the dust bin will play the sound of a person screaming with pain for the burn.

Etch-a-sketch Floor

Etch-a-sketch Floor

2009-11-24 16:15 - 0 Kommentarer

This idea is to promote physical activity while having fun at the same time. The idea is to have a giant etch-a-sketch floor with magnetic slip ons on people feet and they can just draw away with their feet. I would put this somewhere with some traffic like the mall. This would of course be free of charge and I think kids would have so much fun with it, and probably adults too.

Inskickat av Alexis Nostrand

The Can Hockey Table

The Can Hockey Table

2009-11-20 13:22 - 0 Kommentarer

When we were children we were kicking everything, but mostly we were stepping on empty drink cans to make them flat and play football. The idea is to make a rectangle recycle bin for aluminium cans that on its top you can play "can hockey" (like air hockey without the air). There will be two round controllers for hitting the can, on the side and attached with a wire to the bin. People who sit in parks can play this game with their empty cans instead of leaving them on the ground. Simple and cheap!

Inskickat av Konstantinos Theodorou


Mimes for Better Traffic

2009-12-16 20:12 - 0 Kommentarer

Many drivers and pedestrians don’t respect simple traffic laws because they consider that they aren’t misbehaving since they aren't breaking important safety laws like crossing with red lights or surpassing the speed maximum. Showing people through humour the small infractions to the law they make can make them realice the important of their mistakes and help them become better citizens. The most common small infractions are: stopping their car over a pedestrian crossing, talking over the cellphone while driving or crossing the street walking through the forbidden places.


The Vending Machine Project

2009-12-03 15:00 - 0 Kommentarer

Our entry is a sweets vending machine that teaches social responsibility. It gives you the choice of how much you pay. The amount you pay doesn't affect the amount of sweets you get, but the amount of sweets the next people will get. The change is small but cumulative. If people are selfish and pay less money, at the end of the day the machine will be dispensing a very small amount of sweets. If people work for the greater good, at the end of the day they'll be getting lots of sweets for their money. Inskickad av Euan Mils.


Hand Wash Through Distorted Mirror

2009-12-15 18:30 - 0 Kommentarer

I chose the problem that some people don't wash their hands after using the toilet. It's unnecessary to say, that this is unhealthy, distgusting and can cause many diseases. So I asked myself "Can we get more people to wash their hands by making it fun to do?!" I tried this by installing a motion detector inside the washbasin which recognizes the movements of your hands and sends the information to the camera of the distorting mirror. So your movements were realised in severel distortions, which you can see in the mirror.